Colorful candles to coordinate with the 9 eneneagram Enneagram personality types.

What's your Enneagram Type?

The Enneagram system breaks down human behaviors into nine types. Take the quiz to find out your type and share your findings with friends and family. Looking for Enneagram inspired gifts? Our Paddywax soy wax Enneagram candles are packaged in a giftable box and feature a brief number description.  
Woman doing yoga tree pose out in nature

Back to School: Take time for 'You'

It's back to school time!  Instead of jumping head-first into your fall 'to do' list, start by taking some well-deserved time off for yourself.  It doesn't have to take much more than 15 minutes a day to teach your body to relax. In this blog post, we're sharing some of our favorite quick and inexpensive 'self-care' activities to get you started. We hope these will inspire you to make it a priority to take care of yourself just like you take care of everyone else.
August 23, 2021 — Stacey Jess
Outdoor Dining Table set for entertaining

5 Steps to a Perfect Party

Our guest-blogger and entertaining pro shares her 5 Steps to planning the perfect party. Start with choosing a theme, then decide where to have the party and the guest list. The third item is to choose the layout and supplies, then move on to creating the shopping list and finish by creating a work list and timeline. Lastly, don't forget to include a small gift memento.. this will ensure guests remember the event for years to come.  It just all starts with a little planning!
August 04, 2021 — Sharon Griffin
Summer 2021 Buying Trip: Gift and Home Decor Trends

Summer 2021 Buying Trip: Gift and Home Decor Trends

We're sharing our insights and observations about home decor, accessory and gift trends gained from our recent trip to the Atlanta Home and Gift Market. We'll share some of the ideas that inspired us and we'll provide a sneak peek of some of the exciting new gift and accessories that will be arriving in our retail stores and our online site over the next several months.
July 19, 2021 — Stacey Jess


This past year has taught me to focus on the simple things in life -- and gift giving for the simple reason of bringing joy to others is one of the habits I hope to continue in the years to come. Through our new online store, we help customers curate their perfect gifts for the special people in their lives.  We love working one-on-one with our customers to pick and choose gifts, pack them in a beautiful box and mail them off. Whether it is to commemorate a special occasion, or the gift is being sent for my favorite occasion: ’just because,’ our goal is to bring happiness to those special people we serve.
June 29, 2021 — Kelly Hollingsworth
Candles for Every Room in your Home

Candles for Every Room in your Home

Learn how to pick the best scented candles for every room in your home. We share tips for combining fragrances and selecting the right candle for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living areas and home office.  Plus, we share our personal favorite candle brands and scents for each room. Also, learn more about our curated Candle Subscription plan where you can have luxury artisan candles delivered to your doorstep every month, or on the schedule you choose.
June 02, 2021 — Stacey Jess
Beautiful charcuterie board with figs cheeses and greenery on wooden display board

Entertaining Made Easy: Charcuterie and Themed Meal Boards

Charcuterie boards and themed meal boards have become the latest trend in entertaining. They are so simple, anyone can create one! Simply start with a beautiful platter or tray and then build your board with your favorite foods. We've got some great ideas and resources to walk you through every step!
April 08, 2021 — Stacey Jess
Palo Santo wood bundles on

The Powers of Palo Santo Wood

Burn palo santo wood any time you feel like you need to clear negative energy from a space to make room for a more peaceful and balanced environment. Here are some simple ways to bring Palo Santo into your home:
New Ella B. custom candle collection for GRACEiousliving.

Finding things we love...

Our goal of bringing JOY to our customers lives is the core of our business. Our hope is to make our customer’s lives “a little bit better” each time they leave our stores or our site.
March 08, 2021 — Kelly Hollingsworth
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Blue spring flowers in white planter

Spring Accessories are Here

Here's a look at new spring accessories arriving in our store -- new totes and bags, cozy cashmere ponchos and on trend bracelets and earrings.
February 18, 2021 — Stacey Jess
Home decor trends include natural and white accessories shown here on round wood coffee table next to white linen sofa

Trend Report: Warm, Natural and Everyday Celebrations

We're sharing the gift and home decor trends we found on our bi-annual home and gift market buying trip.  Our top three areas of focus include color trends, accessory trends and gift category trends.
Pictures of favorite gifts for her including Barefoot Dreams, Lafco Candles, GRACEiousliving Gift Box, S'well, Scout and Simple Joy tank top

Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

Holiday gift ideas for that special mom, sister, friend, neighbor or teacher from some of our favorite brands.