Candles are one of our favorite home accessories. We love discovering new brands and fragrance combinations that bring fresh energy to our homes. It's fun to experiment with the fragrances by placing new scents in different rooms and to see the feelings and emotions they evoke.  

But not every candle is suited for every room. When selecting fragrances for your home, take into account the purpose of the room and the people it serves. For example, you’ll want to select a different fragrance for a kitchen versus a small powder room, and scents with varying intensities will smell different in rooms of varying sizes. Try pairing a variety of unexpected fragrances throughout your home to create living spaces that invite relaxation, creativity, romance, energy and happiness.

To help plan your home fragrance scheme, take a look at our scent guidelines for different rooms below. Then you can select the candle styles and vessels that suit those areas -- we’ve also given you some ideas for those too!




Food preparation introduces many of its own odors to the kitchen, so it’s important to keep kitchen fragrances mild, fresh and clean. Our favorite kitchen fragrances work well to complement the kitchen aromas instead of fighting with them.  Zesty Citrus blends, mint, sweet and spicy pomegranate and rosemary all work well in cooking spaces, but stay away from stronger exotic and scents like amber, ginger and cardamon.

Our favorite candles for Kitchens:

Living Room and Family Room

Our living and family rooms are where we live… where we relax, read, watch movies, play games and entertain.  We want these areas to be fuss-free and relaxing so the candle fragrances in these areas should be the same.  We like lively, relaxing and fun scents such as sea mist, vanilla, orange, eucalyptus and pine, as well as fresh herbs like basil or sage for our more casual spaces. In the more formal rooms, we like to incorporate exotic blends and earthy scents such as blackberry, ginger, patchouli and bourbon to add a layer of warmth and sophistication to the room.

Our favorite Family Room Candles:
Our favorite candles for Living Rooms:


Depending on the mood you are trying to create, candles in the bedroom can set the mood for relaxation or romance.  For relaxation, choose one of the classic soothing scents such as lavender, chamomile, vanilla or bergamot.  To create a more romantic atmosphere, choose a beautifully scented fragrance with jasmine, rose, amber, sandalwood or cedar fragrance. When combined with the soft light of a flickering candle, relaxation is all but guaranteed.   (Safety note:  Be sure to extinguish the candle completely before dozing off to sleep.)

Our favorite Relaxing scented candle for Bedrooms:





Our favorite Romantic candles for Bedrooms:



Clean, refreshing and relaxing scents are the preferred scents to help neutralize odors in bathroom areas. Fragrances such as crisp linen, eucalyptus, citrus and mint create a clean, uplifting feeling.  To create a relaxing atmosphere while winding down or soaking in the tub, try a candle with lavender, vanilla or jasmine scent.  It’s sure to soften the senses and create a calm and serene atmosphere while winding down.

Our favorite candles for Bathrooms:


Home Office

The home office is the space for candle lovers to experiment with fragrance.  While many of us are still working at home, candles in our home offices can set the tone for a productive and creative day.  They can help focus the mind, enhance creativity and even reduce stress caused by deadlines or demanding bosses.  The best scents for home offices include: coconut (stylish and creative); citrus (improves mood and reduces stress); peppermint and cinnamon (enhances focus); and woodsy scents, such as evergreen and pine, that instill confidence and mean business.

Our favorite candles for Home Offices:


New candles delivered to your doorstep every month

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We’d love to hear which candle scents you love in your home.  Drop us a note or jump over to our Facebook page to share your favorites!



June 02, 2021 — Stacey Jess

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