College-Bound Kids Anyone?

College girl moving into dorm building

Favorite gifts to send off with your kiddos (or any special college students in your life)

We’re in “full swing" college mode in my home these days. This is the day I started thinking about 18 years ago, realizing that we would have one year with three kids in college at the same time (Cha’ Ching!)

When our oldest went to college, I started “hiding” something special in his bag each semester. He’s now graduated and on his own, but I promised myself I’d keep up that tradition for his three younger siblings.

First-year send-off gift

The first year, it’s a fully stocked first aid kit.  Not super exciting, but definitely the most practical gift. As I was putting it together this week, for our youngest who’s getting ready to start his first year in college, I was trying to think of favorite gifts I could surprise my older two with who are finishing up their last year -- hopefully! 

Second-year surprises

This year, it’s YETI Tumblers for ALL… and maybe a few YETI wine tumblers for my “olders”! They’re kind of like a new backpack – fun, new colors, no dents or dings and the same amazing quality.

YETI 36 oz tumber
Favorite gifts for any year

All of my kids don’t like a lot of stuff to clutter up their small spaces, so when I think of gifts, I think practical, useful and maybe a little splurgy.  College budgets don’t allow for a lot of extras.  We are a “candle family,” so there will definitely be a candle or two hidden away somewhere.  My boys love the new MANCAVE Candle we recently launched  -- it’s super masculine, but not overpowering -- and my daughter loves our signature GRACEiousliving candle -- fresh and sweet and beautiful. We burn this candle all the time, so it will definitely remind her of home.  

GRACEiousliving Private Label Candle


Wishing all of you who are sending kids off to college the very best. Possibly you deserve a little splurgy gift as well to help smooth the transition and make your quieter home a little more cozy. Cheers and be sure to share some of your favorite send-off gifts in the comments section below.

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