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Himalayan Grapefruit Pine 32 oz. Candle Refill Kit

Himalayan Grapefruit Pine 32 oz. Candle Refill Kit

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Immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere with our signature Himalayan fragrances. All Himalayan containers are meant to be reused so you can make your favorite candle last forever. Select the same fragrance as before, or you can choose another to experience something new.

  • Grapefruit pine fragrance
  • 8 cubes of 4 oz scented wax (32 ounces total)
  • Soy wax blend, fragrance compound oil
  • Glue dots & 6 wicks
  • Instruction card

We are keenly aware of our earth’s natural beauty, and not wanting to abuse it, we always want our containers to be reused or repurposed after the original wax has melted away. That’s why we created our Candle Refill Kits!

The idea was to create a candle container that could be refilled once the original wax has burnt away. So, all our candle containers, whether made of glass, metal, or wood, can be refilled with our Candle Refill Kits. And, since the candle refill kits come in all of our current fragrances, it is easy to order the same fragrance or try something new.

Grapefruit pine is our #1 best-selling fragrance!  Grapefruit Pine:  Grapefruit, plum, Siberian fir, musk, and sandalwood

  • Please ensure you keep all wicks lit at the same time. 
  • It is essential to burn the candle for at least 3-4 at the beginning and each time you light it. This will create the widest burn pool. 
  • Trim wicks prior to lighting to maintain the cleanest burn and prevent a flame height that is larger than intended.

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    Need better scent selection

    I was disappointed you didn’t have the earthy earty spicy scents like sandalwood Grapefruit pine is okay, but a bit too sweet.