Our favorite candles, delivered to your doorstep.

There's a reason candles are the number one selling category in our store. Our customers love our selection! They have grown to trust that we will only offer the highest quality, most fragrant and cleanest burning candle brands available.

With our new subscription program, we found a way to make it easy to always have a new fragrance in your home. We ship on YOUR schedule, with candles arriving when you want them -- each month, every two months or quarterly. You customize your delivery.

In each shipment, you'll receive one of our beautiful candles sourced from artisans across the country. In addition, we'll include a bonus gift with each candle, hand-selected by us!

It's easy to join... simply select your favorite fragrance category and we will do the rest! You can change your preferences at any time. And, rest assured, if you fall in love with one of our selections and wish to receive it every month, we're happy to offer that as a subscription option.

The Perfect Gift

Stretch out the celebration by gifting a three-month subsciption. Our candles make the best gifts for weddings, birthdays, teacher appreciation events and everyday 'thinking of you' occasions. Just let us know your purchase is a gift, and we'll contact the recipient for their fragrance preference. We also will include a personalized card with every shipment.

What makes GRACEiousliving different?

• We offer a curated collection of candles, from the best brands in the candle business.

• All candles feature either soy or vegetable wax with no parrafins, phthalates or artificial ingredients

• Most candles are poured in reuseable vessels or jars that may be repurposed as a vase, trinket jar, planter or decorative accessory.

• Love your new candle? We offer subscriber-only discounts on future purchases.

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