Trend Report: Warm, Natural and Everyday Celebrations

There are so many reasons to love the month of January. The Christmas decorations and clutter have been packed away. The holiday frenzy has subsided.  All of the cookies and sweets are gone -- thank goodness!  And the house just seems more peaceful.

But the best thing about January is that we get to do what we love most: shop!  We travel to the gift and home accessory buying shows -- which means trips to Atlanta, the Netherlands and, if we’re lucky, Paris.  Although we were only able to venture as far as Atlanta this year due to the pandemic, we were thrilled just to get on a plane after not traveling at all last year!  

We love the energy and inspiration that you can only get by physically being at the markets. And since most of our buying was done digitally last year, it was refreshing to see first hand the new trends emerging in both home decor and gift. Attendance was much lower and social distancing precautions were in place, so there was more space to enjoy the showrooms and take in the latest styles and designs. 

Here’s a glimpse of some of the products and trends that caught our eye:

 Natural wood home decor accessories displayed on farmhouse table  Natural colored throws with colored tassel accentshanging on hooks

Color Trends:  Warm and Earthy

Warm brown and neutral color palettes are making a come back! The cool, gray color palettes that have dominated the design world over the past several years are clearing the way for a cozy, more natural themes in home decor.  We loved the soft, natural beige and white organic fabrics woven throughout everything from clothing to textiles to upholstery.  Subtle accents of rich navy, soft yellows, oranges and deep jewel tones rounded out the color schemes in the beautiful throw pillows, pottery and artwork. Of course, gold accents are still very visible, but we sensed a softer, more muted approach with gilded pieces.  

Wall vases with airy succulents  Blue and white vases with bright orange accent colors

Accessory Trends:  Natural and Airy

Just as the ‘athflow’ apparel trend has introduced flowy pants and casual jumpsuits in wardrobes to make working at home more comfortable, natural and organic trends in accessories carry that theme through in home decor.  Clean, natural fabrics (think linen and organic cottons) are staples on furniture pieces, throws, pillows and kitchen textiles. Woven pendant lights, ‘cane’ chairs, frames and tabletop pieces carry a casual, coastal vibe through decor pieces (this is our favorite style!)  We also loved all of the natural wood serving platters, chunky candle holders and wall decor, especially those that combined glass and wood together. Again, the warm, neutral color pallet, highlighted with bright yellow, orange, navy and gold are delightful accent colors.

Garden planters and gift items displayed on potting table  Blue and white assorted planters with wood bases  

Gift Trends:  Celebrate Everyday Occasions

Gift giving took on a whole new meaning during the pandemic. In addition to traditional gift trends for birthdays and holidays, this past year, we saw a huge increase in buying gifts for friends and family ‘just because.’ It’s clear this trend toward making home life more fun is expected to continue with the introduction of lots of new puzzles, games and creative gifts.  And, of course, the cooking craze is clearly not subsiding by the look of all of the new beautiful cookbooks and gourmet gadgets. Some of our favorite finds also included gorgeous decorative planters (that will surely please all of the new gardening enthusiasts), colorful puzzles and amazing scented (and beautifully packaged) custom candles.  

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