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Palo Santo Bundle

Until two years ago, I had never heard of Palo Santo wood. It wasn’t until one of our friends brought the delicately wrapped wood and sage bundle to Kelly’s housewarming that we had the chance to experience the ritual first hand. That event marked the start of a fun tradition within our group where we all gather to 'bless' or 'christen' a new home when someone moves. 

The History of Palo Santo

Palo Santo – also known as ‘Holy Wood’ -- dates way back to the Incan Empire in South America when Shamans would burn the fragrant Palo Santo wood in rituals.  It’s pine, citrus and mint-scented smoke was believed to clean the air and release negative energy. The resin from the wood was thought to have mystical healing properties that offered protection and increased good fortune.

Fast forward many years to today -- Palo Santo and Sage “smudging” (the Native American ritual of burning sage) have re-emerged as a popular and fun way to welcome new beginnings.  It's believed that Sage moves negative energy out while Palo Santo brings positive energy in.  And it's not only reserved for special occasions. Burn palo santo wood any time you feel like you need to clear negative energy from a space to make room for a more peaceful and balanced environment. Here are some simple ways to bring Palo Santo into your home:

Palo Santo for House Blessings/Cleansings:

Light the Palo Santo/Sage wood bundle with a match.  Allow it to burn for 30 seconds, then blow it out. Starting at the front door, move from room to room in a counter-clockwise manner. Using your hand to wave the smoke into all corners of the room, chant intentions or affirmations to ward off the negative energy and encourage the flow of positive energy into each of the spaces.  Once all areas have been visited, make sure all sticks are fully extinguished and place the wood bundle in a small bowl for future use.  (side note:  I am convinced this is where Betty White’s ‘Mother Earth’ dancing scene in the The Proposal came from!)

Palo Santo as Mosquito Repellent:

The oil from the Palo Santo tree is believed to have mosquito repellent qualities. In South America, Palo Santo is burned to ward off the annoying mosquitos.  Burn the Palo Santo sticks outside in a fire-safe dish to repel flying insects. It also can be burned along with a Citronella candle to provide more protection (or check out our Palo Santo Citronella candles, body spray and incense products from Skeem in our shop).

Palo Santo and Meditation:

Burn the Palo Santo wood bundle for a minute or two prior to beginning your meditation practice.  Light the wood stick, let it burn for 30-seconds to a minute, extinguish and place in a bowl on a nearby table or shelf.  The calming scent will make you feel more grounded and promote deeper concentration and peace while meditating.  The oil can also be added to tea to for a soothing warm drink.

Gifts for many Occasions:

Palo Santo bundles, Sage smudging sticks and the Citronella/Palo Santo outdoor fragrances make great gifts.  They're perfect for almost any occasion: housewarmings, hostess gifts, weddings, college send-offs, birthdays and just “thinking of you’” occasions.  Visit our shop to see our complete collection!

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Sending peace and positive energy your way!

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