The "little" things that lift our Spirits

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Little things that lift our spirits… If you ask either me or Stacey, we are both craving more of a minimalist life, surrounded only by the things that we really love. Although we work in retail, it doesn’t mean that we are huge "consumers," but we do love to share why it’s so important to surround yourself with the things that mean the most to YOU.  A new T-shirt, a pretty necklace, a beautiful plant in a planter or a new doormat are fairly "small" things that add JOY.  

Downsizing at home

When my husband and I sold our home two years ago and downsized to be able to live at the beach, we needed to make decisions on what got to stay and what had to go.  Needless to say, lots of "stuff" did not make the cut! Our goal was to make sure that everything that did "make the cut" were items that we truly loved and had meaning in our lives. 

I've read a million articles on "decluttering" but when you physically don't have the space, it's a whole new adventure. We were fortunate that we did have storage space at my husband's office (think Christmas decorations, crystal/china, garage stuff!) but I was still determined to donate anything I could so I wouldn't have to go through a cleansing again. Fast forward 2-1/2 years, my husband is moving offices so the "stuff" we've stored there is again under the microscope. My feeling is that if we've lived without it for 2-1/2 years, we don't need it..  Right? Well... there are a ton of pictures and photo albums that I will never get rid of, but as far as the other "stuff" goes -- hello Goodwill!

My New Philosophy

Our new home is pretty simple, and I know if I LOVE something new I see (like a new plant or a wall hanging..), I have to love it MORE than what it's replacing. It's a great way to make sure that I'm really surrounding myself with things that have meaning in my life. This whole "minimalist" mentality has helped me when we buy for our stores because I think there are many of you like us!  We're not just buying to buy...  we're buying because we LOVE.

"If I LOVE something new I see, I have to LOVE it more than what it's replacing."

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