Person lighting a candle in a clear glass jar

How to burn your candles the right way

Who knew that there was a proper way to burn a candle? We have compiled a list of tips to follow that will extend the life of your fragrant accessories and create a better candle-burning experience. ย 
February 17, 2022 — Kelly Hollingsworth
Home decor with natural color wood shelving, plants, white ceramic and wood accessories

2022 Atlanta Home and Gift Market Report

We're sharing our favorite ideas, products and trends from our recent buying trip to the Atlanta Home and Gift market. We were inspired by some of the industry's leading color and design teams and got a preview of some of the new products and materials that will be introduced this year. ย We are providing a glimpse of some of the new products we will be bringing in to our physical and online stores this year in terms of home decor and gift products.
January 24, 2022 — Stacey Jess
Home decor trends include natural and white accessories shown here on round wood coffee table next to white linen sofa

Trend Report: Warm, Natural and Everyday Celebrations

We're sharing the gift and home decor trends we found on our bi-annual home and gift market buying trip. ย Our top three areas of focus include color trends, accessory trends and gift category trends.
Five Tips to Make Your 'At Home' Workday More Cozy

Five Tips to Make Your 'At Home' Workday More Cozy

We're sharing our favorite tips for making your at-home work space more cozy. ย To give you some hints... start with plants, add some comfortable clothing and fragrant candles and finish off with some soothing hand cream and calming tea.ย 

May 03, 2020 — Stacey Jess