Six Travel 'Must Haves' for your Next Trip

With summer making its official debut next week, our focus is turning to vacation travel.  And it’s about time!  It’s been a long two years waiting and thinking and dreaming about traveling.  We’re so excited to finally be able to get back out to explore the world again.

Since travel is on everyone’s minds, it is the perfect time to share some of the travel ‘must-have’s’ that I don’t leave home without. Below are six of my favorite travel necessities that I pack in my carry on every time I head out of town. 

Urbana® Spa Privé Eye Mask

This silky, lavender-scented eye mask is my number one ‘must have’ for travel.  Easily slipped into my carry-on, the silk-covered eye pillow is filled with calming French lavender that immediately calms my travel nerves.  Its weighted design keeps it securely in place while sleeping and blocks out the glaring sun or cabin lighting.  The soothing mask is like a mini-spa treatment that ensures I arrive at my destination looking as rested and refreshed as possible.  

Boody Tank Top

Continuing with flight comfort items… the organic, bamboo viscose tank top from Boody is another must-have for travel.  The soft, breathable tank keeps me comfortable on long flights by keeping my skin cool and dry. Working double duty, it serves as a layering piece to keep me warm in cooler climates. The garments can be hand washed and dry quickly overnight.  Side note… Boody also makes an amazing wire-free bra – using the same bamboo fabric -- that even ‘bra-haters’ love!

Barefoot Dreams® Socks

Third on my list of travel must-haves are the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic socks.  These incredibly soft and cozy socks keep my feet warm on even the coldest flights. As soon as I’m seated, I slip on these fuzzy, microfiber socks.  They’re also great slipper substitutes to wear in hotels.  They’re easy to hand wash in a hotel room sink and dry overnight.

 Barefoot dreams heathered socks in blue on woman

Travelon® Tech Organizer

The travel tech organizer from Travelon keeps all my electronic cords, chargers, and accessories in one place, easily accessible and neatly arranged.  This compact, 6” x 5” x 1” (closed) folding case, made of lightweight, ripstop fabric, has two zippered pockets and one flap-closed pocket.  It keeps my tech accessories secure and slips easily into the plane seat pocket for easy access during the flight.


Capri Blue® Volcano Travel Candle

I never leave home without a travel candle.  Simply having a familiar scent in an unfamiliar place quickly makes me feel at home and reduces stress after a long trip.  Our Volcano travel tin is my go-to favorite.  I love lighting the candle as soon as I arrive in my hotel room or Airbnb to freshen up the space.  A travel candle also makes a great take-home gift for houseguests who stay with you in your home. 

Envirosax® Bag

The last item on my ‘travel must-have’ list is a reusable shopping bag.  I particularly love the Envirosax brand because of the beautiful and colorful designs and their compact size (they roll up to only 1” x 4”).  While small, they can carry up to 44 lbs.  These lightweight shoppers can be used as a pool, beach or gym bag or serve as an emergency ‘personal item’ carryon to hold unexpected souvenirs and last-minute purchases that don’t fit in a checked suitcase.  The Envirosax bag is an indispensable travel companion!

Envirosax Mallorca 3 reusable bog product photo

Wherever your travel plans take you this summer, think about the items that make you feel comfortable and at home. Make it a priority to bring them along, when you can, to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your travels.  Use this list as a guide to help you create your own ‘travel must-have’ list. 

We’d love to hear about some of the items you don’t leave home without… be sure to share your suggestions in the comments below. 

Wishing you safe and adventurous travels… Bon Voyage!


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