With all the loss and uncertainties this past year and a half brought us, I am honoring the present and all the small silver linings that I found during that time. I’m trying to maintain the good habits I formed - a regular yoga practice, long walks with my dog everyday and enjoying all my kids (except 1) under our roof.  My goal is not going back to the “not-so-good” habits - a crazy busy schedule, not enough me time and inconsistent workouts and meal planning.  

'Just Because' Gifts

One of my favorite new habits that I practiced during the pandemic was a new way of gift giving. Not being able to spend time with friends and family, I found myself sending small just because gifts more often. I’m not sure if it brought me or the recipient more JOY!  

I really enjoy sharing the things that I love with others. I remember how touched I was over 20 years ago when my husband’s Aunt Beth gave me a watch off of her own wrist when I commented how beautiful it was. Her JOY of giving inspired me and it continues to influence my actions to this day.  

This past year, my sister Stacey and I launched our website GRACEiousliving.com because we believed that our love of bringing joy and beauty to our customer’s lives could extend well beyond our retail stores in San Diego. It’s been a steep learning curve, not only mastering e-commerce and social media, but always reminding ourselves that the only way we’ll grow is if we’re growing from our hearts.

Scout Bracelet and Jewelry Collection  Eucalyptus White Tea collection by Thymes
Curating the perfect gifts

Helping customers curate their perfect gifts is one of our favorite things to do. We love working one-on-one with our customers to pick and choose gifts, pack them in a beautiful box and mail them off. Whether it is to commemorate a special occasion, or the gift is being sent for my favorite occasion: ’just because,’ our goal is to bring happiness to both the gift giver and the gift recipient.  Some of our favorite gift selections this past year have been:

  • Cozy socks and a beautiful candle
  • Relaxing body wash, lotion and an inspirational journal
  • A Comfy sweater with a delicate bracelet
Bring Joy

I now think I know how Aunt Beth felt when she gave me that watch so many years ago. It is just so incredibly heartwarming to give. We feel honored to be able to bring happiness to our customers and the special people in their lives, for whatever the reason. This is truly what brings us Joy.  

We want to help you bring JOY to those close to you!  Our hope is to inspire you with that perfect gift, big or small, for any occasion. We promise that it will be packed and sent with love. #givegifts 


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