Five Tips to Make Your 'At Home' Workday More Cozy


With the social distancing orders expected to last through the summer, the temporary work-at-home situation is becoming more long term. If you’re one of the millions of people working at home, by now, you likely have your space set up to function — computers are in place, furniture is arranged and filing systems have been created. Now, its’s time to take a second look at your space to see how you can make it more pleasant and comfortable. Here are five simple and inexpensive tips we’d like to share to help you make your office and workday a bit more cozy.



There is no better way to breathe some life into your home office than with live plants.  Plants have been proven to boost your mood, productivity and concentration. They also help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.  For your office, be sure to choose low maintenance plants that thrive in lower light, such as English ivies, Peace lilies and spider plants.  A colorful planter will inject a splash of color into your space.  If you are looking for a more calming feel, choose a neutral style like this matte white ceramic boat shaped planter. Just add plants and don’t forget to water!   


Typically, candles and the workplace don’t mix. But when you work at home, candles can be a source of calm during a day with conference calls and video meetings scheduled back to back.  When choosing a candle for your home office, be sure to select a clean-burning variety with an uplifting scent.   Our popular Volcano candle, with its perfect blend of crisp citrus and sugar notes, is a great option Just be sure to never leave it burning unattended.

Comfortable Clothing

One of the greatest benefits to working at home is the added perk of wearing comfortable clothes.  Our favorite pieces come from Boody -- a line of organic bamboo clothing that breathes, moves and washes up beautifully.  Our favorite pieces are the v-neck short sleeve t-shirt, ¾ length leggings and the everyday ankle socks.  In the cool mornings, top these pieces off with a soft cardigan and you are ready to work.

Calming Tea

Working at home means no trips to the break room to chat with co-workers.  But you can still treat yourself to an afternoon break by brewing up a cup of organic Hanami Green Tea from Tea Forte.  This light, refreshing tea blends tart cherries with fragrant flowers and green tea for a light and fruity taste. Each cup invites you to breathe in and relax.  Other popular Tea Forte blends include moroccan mint, green mango peach, ginger lemongrass and citrus mint.  Try a new one every day! 

Hard-working Hand Cream

The constant hand-washing and application of hand sanitizers wrecks havoc on your hands.  To keep them free from dryness and cracking, apply a hard working hand cream several times each day.  Make sure to select a non-greasy formula that provides plenty of hydration.  Our favorite is the citrus-scented Thymes Mandarin Coriander hard working hand cream that is infused with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and pro-vitamin B5 to provide some serious hydration Be sure to keep a small tube handy in your desk drawer.

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