When we stumbled upon this little candle company in Atlanta and had the opportunity to meet the owner, we knew we’d found something special! We LOVE it when we find great energy and passion in companies, and most often they are the ones we choose to work with. We get inspired by hearing the owners talk about their companies and we love being able to share that story with our customers.

We do a lot of searching, scouring and researching to find those special product lines and niches for GRACEiousliving and our retail stores. One of the things we always do at the end of a buying trip (or virtual buying trip in 2020!) is share our “favorite find” of the day. Sometimes it’s not an actual product itself, but rather the story behind the product (and being sisters with very similar tastes, more often than not our favorite find is the same!)

When we feel the JOY from a maker explaining their product or company, we know it’s something we want to be a part of. Nowadays you can buy anything, anywhere, anytime, but by attaching the “meaning” behind a product, it becomes more than just the item itself, it’s about the story and the journey it's taken to get to where it is today.

Our goal of bringing JOY to our customers lives is the core of our business. Our hope is to make our customer’s lives “a little bit better” each time they leave our stores or our site.

On our last buying trip, we met Madeline, the founder of Ella B. Candles. Her energy and passion was so inspiring. We loved hearing her explain how her company was started -- it all began in her kitchen making a few candles for local neighborhoods and for friends and their special events. She shared how important it was to have a healthy home and that using clean ingredients was their priority: 100% hand poured pure soy candles (burning a “vegetable” product as opposed to a parrafin/petroleum product.)

We loved that she invited us to create custom candles with special meanings to share with OUR customers. We excitedly began brainstorming some of our favorite memories that we could attach to our new candles that would hopefully  inspire others to create traditions of their own. We'd recently launched our GRACEiousliving.com website and were looking for a signature fragrance to call our own. The grapefruit, evergreen & citrus scent fit the bill perfectly -- it was exactly what we were looking for for our GRACEious Living candle.

Although not every family has a BEACHWEEK tradition (one of our favorite family traditions and most popular candles!), we’re inspired to share our story of spending time as a family each year (regardless of how busy life gets!).  If there is anything that we’ve learned this past year, it is that TIME is precious and traditions are valued.  We hope to spark an idea in your life by creating these special traditions (and a candle to go with it!)


March 08, 2021 — Kelly Hollingsworth
Tags: Candles Gifts Soy

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