What cleaning products are we using in our homes?


We LOVE quality cleaning products! Most often our products live on our countertops (not only for easy accessibility but because they are beautiful!) and there are none more beautiful and effective than Thymes. Thymes home cleaning and fragrance collections turn everyday chores into an enjoyable, fun experience using gentle yet effective botanical blends to infuse your home with sparkling scents.

What scent do you want throughout your home? Here are a few of our top picks!

  • Lemon Leaf: Sunny and sparkling, this uplifting fragrance creates a green, citrus-filled escape for the home.

  • Fresh-Cut Basil: Clean and invigorating, this scent cultivates a backyard herb garden indoors in any season.

  • Mandarin Coriander: This one-of-a-kind herbal and citrus blend is like a breath of fresh air.ย 

  • Washed Linen: This irresistibly delicate and wooded scent is as inviting as freshly laundered sheets, dried with an outdoor breeze.ย 

Most of these fragrances are available in a countertop spray, hand wash, hand lotion and dishwashing liquid. And when youโ€™re done cleaning, enjoy a candle, reed diffuser or home fragrance spray to elevate the experience! What this gives you is a consistency of fragrance throughout your home. No more harsh chemicals, just pure, clean fragrance! Beautiful enough to give as a gift to a friend or as a gift just for you!

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