Thoughts from our Fall 2020 Home and Gift Buying Trip

What we're inspired by this Fall...

We just returned home from a condensed version of our fall home decor and gift buying trip. The fall market, like everything else this year, was definitely not business as usual. Typically, the showrooms are bustling with energy. But this year, the empty spaces echoed the lonely sentiment of the past several months. For us, though, the brief jaunt over to Vegas provided some much-needed inspiration to kick off our fall season. We came back energized and excited with our new finds. We hope you love our new items just as much as we do!  Here's a little recap of what we found... 

Fall 2020 Gift and Home Decor Trends

The words Cozy, Natural and Traditional sum up the gift and home decor themes we think will prevail this fall. As everyone adjusts to online learning and working from home, products that cater to these lifestyles will continue to be in demand.  People are embracing being at home more and they're looking for ways to make their living areas more cozy. Soft-hued colors (think blush, mint green and ivory), textured fabrics and natural materials continue to be popular. Healthy cooking, organizing home workspaces and creating sanctuaries for relaxation are strong areas of focus. In the gift categories, simple, clean and functional (as well as beautiful) items are appealing to buyers. And, In the bath and body category, gifts that promote self-care; soothing-scented candles and diffusers with organic ingredients; and clean and simple jewelry styles that pair well with work-at-home wardrobes will be sought after.

 Inspirational quotes printed on textured cotton paper    Fall 2020 home decor accessories and natural wood serving pleces and ceramic and glass planters

Gifts that Inspire Joy

Keeping these trends in mind, this fall, our gifts center around the simple idea of inspiring joy. We’re looking forward to the arrival of our new jewelry pieces -- delicate pendant necklaces with colorful stones and a selection of beaded necklaces to layer (complete with inspirational messages on the gift cards). We’ll also be introducing another new gift line with petite travel candle tins, heart-shaped paper cards and muslin wine bags with clever quotes. Other great finds include soft knitted ponchos and scarves (for the cool fall nights, if they ever get here!); colorful puzzles; bath and body lotions and essential oil misters; and artist-inspired coaster gift sets. 

Home Decor that is comfortable, functional and beautiful

Our Fall 2020 decor accessories will create a soothing and peaceful feeling at home as the days get cooler. Due to popular demand (sales of live plants in our retail stores are booming!), we are expanding our collection of ceramic and metal planters. Our new designs range from traditional shapes in simple matte finishes to colorful pieces that add that bit of personality to home offices and living areas. We’re also adding lots of new picture frames that will add a quick refresh to any space. We especially love the rich gray/ivory marble frames and the rich walnut wood designs we’ve ordered.

  wood inlay and ceramic planter stands     Natural fiber and jute decorative rugs

Natural Fiber Rugs, Pillows and Linens

Some of our favorite Fall finds were in the textile category.  We have sourced amazing natural fiber rugs, woven with jute and wool, in beautiful patterns and soothing colors.  To complement these, we are adding a collection of gorgeous down accent pillows in a variety of plush velvet and linen fabrics with hand embroidery detail.  Other new arrivals include classic linen tablecloths and napkins in a range of neural colors and chunky knit throws.  (Side note… be sure to sign up for our newsletter click on the link below to sign up to get alerts of the new arrivals.

Cotton and muslin floral dresses, joggers and tshirts for toddlers

For Babies and Kids

For our baby/kids department, we love the new baby clothing line we found. Soft dresses, jogger pants and t-shirts are made in fall-colored floral and patterned muslin and cotton fabrics. Plus, we’ve added more than a dozen new titles to our kids book collection, along with our favorite Jellycat plush animals and books. Lots of surprises in store for our littlest fans!

It's the Little Things

Our trip to the fall market, as unconventional as it was, reminded us that it’s the little things that give us hope. Simply being able to do what we love the most -- travel, explore and discover new trends and products that bring joy to our customers -- is what drives us. We can’t wait for our new arrivals to hit our shops these next several weeks and would love to know what you think. Be sure to sign up for our email alerts so you don’t miss a thing. Happy Fall!





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